Hear Nikki's friends James DeBois and Eric Ames perform
Blink 182's Rollercoaster in honor of Nikki
The Nikki Kantor Memorial Scholarship Fund aims to carry out Nikki's belief of being a good student, dedicated dancer and strong role model. The Scholarship will encourage young adult dancers to pursue higher education while being positive role models within their community. In addition, the foundation will strive to assist in educating new drivers on vehicle control in adverse circumstances.

Each year at the Elite Dance Center Recital and HF Senior Award Night, our family announces the winners of the scholarship.

We will be choosing at least two students per year to receive a $1000 scholarship toward their post secondary education.
Any High School Senior at Elite Dance Centre and from Harborfieds High School meeting the following qualifications can apply for the scholarship.

  • 80 or above cumulative average in their senior year of high school
  • Dance at Elite Dance Centre in East Northport or participated in the arts in Harborfields High School
  • Plan to continue their education after high school at either a college, university, trade school or performing arts school
  • Have performed community service
  • Write an essay explaining to the committee why they feel they are deserving of the scholarship

Please fill out the application from the link below and

return to Elite Dance Centre or the guidance office in Harborfiields High School with your essay.

Best of luck to all applicants.

Nikki Kantor Memorial Scholarship Fund Application

Ms. Aishling Brent is this years Nikki Kantor Memorial Scholarship awardee from Harborfields High School. We are thrilled to have such a wonderful young lady representing the name and spirit of Nikki, all the way across the country at San Diego State University. To this three season athlete, artist, and all around intelligent student: congratulations on conquering high school and good look in your upcoming college years!


This year’s Elite Dance Center Winner, Valerie Salvemini is a long time EDC dancer. Having danced with Nikki’s younger sister (Alex) back in the day, she has surely blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Her essay was written with her whole heart, and we are beyond thrilled to have someone so genuine representing Nikki. Congratulations Valerie and good luck with your future studies at Rodger Williams University.


Congratulations to the 2015 NKMSF winner from Harborfields, Olivia Bartfield! She will be attending Ithaca College in the fall and continuing to study music. Olivia is a talented singer who loves to speak and express her voice through song. Olivia participated in the theatre company at the high school and plans to continue to pursue her passion for music in these upcoming years at Ithaca.

Representing the NKMSF at the Elite Dance Centre for 2015 is the lovely Korina Salcedo. Korina has worked extremely hard to get where she is today as such a talented dancer. She will be attending St. Johns in the fall and has already been accepted to be a member of the university’s dance team. We are so happy she will be continuing to dance, as she does it ever so beautifully. Congratulations Korina!

As the class of 2014 graduates this year, the NKMSF is proud to present TWO winners honoring our foundation. Meghan Conklin, who will be attending Penn State in the fall and with Colleen Kennedy who will be venturing off to SUNY Cortland. Meghan has been a competitive dancer for as long as she can remember and will bring her confidence and passion that dance gave to her along on this journey to Pennsylvania. Colleen; artist by day and superhero by night, plans to study education at Cortland and wants to keep helping people, as she was known to do around the halls of HF day to day. We are very proud of our two winners and wish them a life time of success and an amazing time as they continue their passions and educations.

We are very pleased to present the 2014 winner of the NKMSF, Danielle Guibas. Danielle, being the most original EDC member there is, started dancing at age 2. She has truly blossomed into a twirling, swirling, leaping, dancing princess. We couldn’t have been any more blessed to have watched her grow for the past 6 years and we know she will do amazing things as she ventures off to Temple University in the fall. Congratulations to Elite’s Danielle Guibas!

The 2013 NKMSF recipient is Jacob Wax! Jacob, being the valedictorian of his class, has worked very hard on his studies throughout the last 4 years. He will be starting at the University of Pennsylvania this fall and will be studying Life Sciences. Throughout high school, Jacob loved to sing and was a proud member of the band “The Choir Room Conundrum,” which played on the Harborfields stage many times. HF will certainly miss him, but knows he will have great success in the following years at UPENN.

Nicholette Hails, our 2013 NKMSF winner at the Elite Dance Centre, will be attending Virginia Tech this up and coming fall. Nicholette is an amazingly beautiful dancer and the Elite Dance Centre will miss watching her dance day to day, but has big hopes for her in the future, as they know she very hardworking. Congratulations Nicholette, keep dancing!

This is the Harborfields class of 2012 winner, Adam Lee. We congratulate him on all of his success within the HF community and look forward to hearing all about his future endeavors as he continues his education at the University of Maryland. Adam is wise beyond his years and will do wonderful things in the future. Congratulations Adam!

At this year’s Elite Dance Recital, we were proud to announce the 2012 winner of the NKMSF, Jillian Zagorski! Jillian or “Miss Jill” as many students know her as is one if the most talented and dedicated performers EDC has ever had the pleasure of knowing. Jillian will be attending Hofstra and plans to continue her dance career after graduation. While attending classes, she will be a dance instructor and wonderful role model for the future of the dance centre. Thank you Jillian and congratulations!

Congratulations to our first scholarship winner from Harborfields High School graduating class of 2011, Kayla McLaughlin.   Kayla will be attending the University of Vermont in the Fall and will be studying to be a music teacher.   She is a talented musician as well as a strong student and dedicated member of the community.

Our first Elite Scholarship Winners were Ali Ribellino and Kimi Yamada.  Our family felt that both girls were very deserving of the scholarship and we are so proud of them both.   Ali is studying dance at Towson University and Kimi is studying at the University of Delaware.   We wish both of the girls well and know that they will succeed in whatever they set their minds to.

Ali Ribellino                                 Kimi Yamada